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—This paper presents a novel fully integrated passive transponder IC with 4.5-or 9.25-m reading distance at 500-mW ERP or 4-W EIRP base-station transmit power, respectively, operating in the 868/915-MHz ISM band with an antenna gain less than 0.5 dB. Apart from the printed antenna, there are no external components. The IC is implemented in a 0.5-m digital(More)
— Concurrent test features are available in the SoC testers to increase ATE throughput. To exploit these new features design modifications are necessary. In a case study, these modifications were applied to the open source LEON SoC platform containing an embedded 32 bit CPU, an AMBA bus, and several embedded cores. The concurrent test of LEON was performed(More)
1. Abstract: This report describes the efforts of a project team to leverage 3D models for design coordination and constructability analysis, cost estimating, and construction planning to maintain integrated scope-cost-time models during design and construction of a Pilot Plant for Sequus Pharmaceuticals. We describe the benefits and shortcomings of the(More)
Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) projects are characterized by a large variation in requirements and work routines. Therefore, it is difficult to develop and implement information systems to support projects. To address these challenges, this paper presents a project-centric research and development methodology that combines ethnographic(More)
Cell cycle-dependent gene expression is often controlled on the transcriptional level. Genes like cyclin B, CDC2 and CDC25C are regulated by cell cycle-dependent element (CDE) and cell cycle genes homology region (CHR) promoter elements mainly through repression in G(0)/G(1). It had been suggested that E2F4 binding to CDE sites is central to transcriptional(More)
Artificial nerve grafts are needed to reconstruct massive defects in the peripheral nervous system when autologous nerve grafts are not available in sufficient amounts. Nerve grafts containing Schwann cells display a suitable substrate for long-distance regeneration. We present here a comprehensive analysis of the in vivo effects of different isoforms of(More)
Understanding how the building design influences construction costs is a challenging task for estimators. Estimators must recognize the design conditions that affect construction costs and customize the cost estimate accordingly. Estimators have different preferences for how and when to adjust a project's activities, resources, and resource productivity(More)