Martin F Volk

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We designed and implemented a gradient index metasurface for in-plane focusing of confined terahertz (THz) surface waves. We measured the spatial propagation of the surface waves by two-dimensional mapping of the complex electric field using a THz near-field spectroscope. The surface waves were focused to a diameter of 500 μm after a focal length of(More)
We report on the fabrication of ridge waveguides in KTiOPO<sub>4</sub> nonlinear optical crystals through carbon ion irradiation followed by precise diamond blade dicing. The diced side-walls have low roughness, which allows for low propagation loss of ~1dB/cm in fabricated of ridges. The waveguide property investigation has been performed at 1064 nm as(More)
We report on the fabrication and characterization of ridge waveguides in lithium niobate thin films by diamond blade dicing. The lithium niobate thin films with a thickness of 1 µm were fabricated by bonding a He-implanted lithium niobate wafer to a SiO(2)-coated lithium niobate wafer and crystal ion slicing. Propagation losses of 1.2 dB/cm for TE and 2.8(More)
We report on the fabrication and second harmonic generation from a periodically-poled MgO-doped lithium niobate ridge waveguide within the telecommunication L-band. The ridge waveguide is fabricated by carbon ion implantation and the following diamond blade dicing method. A normalized second harmonic conversion efficiency of(More)
We report on characterization of ridge waveguides fabricated in KTP (KTiOPO4) by use of diamond-blade dicing and Rb/Ba ion exchange. The waveguides were prepared in substrates that have their z-axis in the surface plane, perpendicular to the waveguide direction. This hinders the RbBa ions from diffusion into the depth, as they are only mobile along the(More)
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