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OBJECTIVE Little is known about the impact of comorbid psychiatric symptoms in persons with HIV. This study estimates the burden on health-related quality of life associated with comorbid psychiatric conditions in a nationally representative sample of persons with HIV. METHOD The authors conducted a multistage sampling of urban and rural areas to produce(More)
BACKGROUND The need for mental health and substance abuse services is great among those with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), but little information is available on services used by this population or on individual factors associated with access to care. METHODS Data are from the HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study, a national probability survey of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study describes the prevalence and pattern of use of psychotropic medications by HIV-positive patients receiving medical care in the United States and the search for possible predictors of use. METHOD The HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study database was analyzed. From the estimated 231,400 HIV-positive patients in medical care in the(More)
The viral three-prime repair exonuclease (v-trex) gene of the Anticarsia gemmatalis multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus (AgMNPV) is the first baculovirus gene to be described with significant homology to a 3' exonuclease. v-trex is an early gene that is expressed by AgMNPV from 3 h post-infection. In the present study, the AgMNPV v-trex ORF was cloned into the(More)
Differences in the frequencies of physician and emergency-room visits and hospitalizations across socioeconomic and ethnic groups may lead to poor health outcomes in disadvantaged populations. Analyzing the causes and implementing interventions to redress such disparities is a high priority in the US, but neurology lags behind other clinical specialties in(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare general neurologists and MS specialists on patients' clinical characteristics and MS care as perceived by patients with MS. METHODS We sampled all adult patients with MS having physician visits over a 2-year period from a Midwestern managed-care organization and from the fee-for-service portion of 23 randomly selected California(More)
This study considers the interrelationships among coping, conflictual social interactions, and social support, as well as their combined associations with positive and negative mood. Research has shown that each of these variables affects adjustment to stressful circumstances. Few studies, however, examine this full set of variables simultaneously. One(More)
Epidemiologic and clinical changes in the HIV epidemic over time have presented a challenge to public health surveillance to monitor behavioral and clinical factors that affect disease progression and HIV transmission. The Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) is a supplemental surveillance project designed to provide representative, population-based data on(More)
Culture supernatant harvested from Daudi cells, a lymphoplastoid cell line, after 58 days of infection with the H77 strain of hepatitis C virus (HCV), was inoculated into a chimpanzee. HCV RNA, as detected by RT-PCR, first appeared in the serum and liver 5 and 6 weeks, respectively, after inoculation. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) collected on(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure and compare care for adults with MS across managed care and fee-for-service (FFS) health systems. METHODS The authors sampled adults with MS having physician visits over a 2-year period from a group model health maintenance organization (HMO) in southern California, from a midwestern independent practice association (IPA) model(More)