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The first thioether complexes of the hard Lewis acidic GeF(4) and SnF(4) have been prepared by reaction of [GeF(4)(MeCN)(2)] or [SnF(4)(MeCN)(2)] respectively with the thioether ligand in rigorously anhydrous CH(2)Cl(2) solution. The isolated compounds were characterised spectroscopically (IR, (1)H and (19)F{(1)H} NMR) and by microanalyses. Crystal(More)
The first phosphane complexes of germanium(iv) fluoride, trans-[GeF(4)(PR(3))(2)] (R = Me or Ph) and cis-[GeF(4)(diphosphane)] (diphosphane = R(2)P(CH(2))(2)PR(2), R = Me, Et, Ph or Cy; o-C(6)H(4)(PR(2))(2), R = Me or Ph) have been prepared from [GeF(4)(MeCN)(2)] and the ligands in dry CH(2)Cl(2) and characterised by microanalysis, IR, Raman, (1)H,(More)
The first examples of azide complexes of calcium, strontium or barium with crown ethers have been prepared and fully characterised, notably [Ba([18]crown-6)(N3)2(MeOH)], [Sr([15]crown-5)(N3)2(H2O)], [Ca([15]crown-5)(N3)2(H2O)] and [Sr([15]crown-5)(N3(NO3)]. Crystal structures reveal the presence of a variety of coordination modes for the azide groups(More)
A convenient synthetic route to poly(tetrazolato) silicon complexes is described based on the four reactive centres of the N-rich, highly endothermic tetraazides of the type Si(N3)4(L2). Hypercoordinate azido(tetrazolato) silicon complexes Si(N3)2(N4C-R)2(L2), R = CH3, C6H5, 4-C6H4CH3 (4a, 5, 6, 7) and Si(N3)2(N4C-L)2 (9, L = 2-C5H4N), L2 = 2,2'-bipyridine,(More)
p-(Dimethylamino)phenyl pentazole, DMAP-N5 (DMAP = Me2N-C6H4), was characterized by picosecond transient infrared spectroscopy and infrared spectroelectrochemistry. Femtosecond laser excitation at 310 or 330 nm produces the DMAP-N5 (S1) excited state, part of which returns to the ground state (τ = 82 ± 4 ps), while DMAP-N and DMAP-N3 (S0) are generated as(More)
The new silicates K2Si(NCE)6, E = O, S (1a,b) were synthesised directly by reaction of silicon tetrachloride with potassium cyanate or thiocyanate. 1a,b can be converted to the salts (PPN)2[Si(NCE)6] (2a,b) with bulky cations (PPN+ = N(PPh3)2+), which contain isolated silicate dianions. Reaction of 1a with diimines affords the hexacoordinate complexes(More)
[VO2F(L-L)] (L-L = 2,2'-bipyridyl, 1,10-phenanthroline, Me2N(CH2)2NMe2) and [VO2F(py)2] (py = pyridine) have been prepared from the corresponding [VOF3(L-L)] or [VOF3(py)2] and O(SiMe3)2 in MeCN solution. VO2F (itself made from VOF3 and O(SiMe3)2 in MeCN) forms [Me4N][VO2F2] with [Me4N]F, but does not react with neutral N- or O-donor ligands. VO2Cl,(More)
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