Martin Evans

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  • Cédric Tille, Eric Cepr, Van Wincoop, Philippe Bacchetta, Pierpaolo Benigno, Mick Devereux +8 others
  • 2008
The surge in international asset trade since the early 1990s has lead to renewed interest in models with international portfolio choice. We develop the implications of portfolio choice for both gross and net international capital ‡ows in the context of a simple two-country dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) model. We focus on the time-variation(More)
OBJECTIVE To obtain intersession estimates of error for temporal and distance (TD) parameters of gait in a sample of stroke patients undertaking inpatient rehabilitation. DESIGN Thirty-one stroke patients were measured with an instrumented footswitch system (after a median of 46 days poststroke; interquartile range = 26 to 63) walking over a 10-meter(More)
  • Livia Chit¸u, Barry Eichengreen, Arnaud Mehl, Sandro Andrade, Nicolas Coeurdacier, Livio Stracca +7 others
  • 2015
JEL classification: F30 N20 Keywords: Gravity model International finance Geography of asset holdings Hysteresis Endogenous learning International role of the dollar a b s t r a c t We analyse patterns of bilateral financial investment using data on US holdings of foreign bonds. We document a " history effect " in which holdings seven decades ago continue(More)
We characterize an international production economy in which (1) agents have Epstein and Zin (1989) preferences, (2) international productivity frontiers are exposed to both short-and long-run shocks, and (3) consumption features a larger degree of home bias relative to investment. Under our recursive risk-sharing scheme, good long-run news for domestic(More)
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