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A cytomorphological study in some taxa of the genus Salvia L. (Lamiaceae)
Abstract The taxa of the genus Salvia L. (Lamiaceae) used in this study were collected from their natural habitats in Turkey. In this paper, the number, size and morphology of somatic chromosomes ofExpand
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Karyomorphological studies on section Bucerates Boiss. of Trigonella L. (Leguminosae) from Turkey
Abstract The Karyomorphology of all taxa of section Bucerates Boiss. genus Trigonella L. (Leguminosae) were made using Image Analysis System. The chromosome numbers of 14 taxa of Trigonella (2n =Expand
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Karyological studies on section Empedoclia of Sideritis (Lamiaceae) from Turkey
Abstract The somatic chromosome number of 22 taxa and chromosome morphology of 43 taxa of the Sideritis (Lamiaceae) genus of the Empedoclia section were determined for the first time using ImageExpand
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On Some Integral Inequalities for Twice Diferentiable φ Convex and Quasi Convex Functions via k Fractional Integrals
In this paper, by using the integral equality which is given in this work, we aim at establishing some new inequalities of the Simpson-like and the Hadamard-like type for functions whose secondExpand
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Karyological studies of five taxa of Sideritis L. (Lamiaceae) section Hesiodia Benth. from Turkey
Abstract The number and size of the chromosomes in the Sideritis L. genus which belongs to Hesiodia (Benth.) section were studied using the Image Analysis System. Chromosome number was determinatedExpand
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