Martin Elliot Silverstein

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BACKGROUND Incomplete sensory blockade of the foot after sciatic nerve block in the popliteal fossa may be related to the motor response that was elicited when the block was performed. We investigated the appropriate motor response when a nerve stimulator is used in sciatic nerve block at the popliteal fossa. METHODS Six volunteers classified as American(More)
The hemostatic efficacy of collagen fibers as a fleece hemostatic agent (CFH) is compared with the efficacy of three commercially available agents: collagen powder (Avitene), absorbable gelatin sponge, and oxidized cellulose. Identical quantities of the four materials were applied to identical multiple spleen incisions in five dogs; CFH and collagen powder(More)
Twenty-six patients with Hodgkin's disease were restaged both clinically and surgically within 2 months of completing their planned chemotherapy. Six patients (23%) had surgically proven persisting disease. Patients were divided into three groups: group I--eight patients had normal findings at clinical restaging and all were free of disease at surgery;(More)
We report on our laboratory and clinical experience with a new hemostatic agent made of collagen fibers and existing in the form of a loose or compressed fleece. This material was tested in two independent bleeding models on eight dogs and 21 patients. Partially compressed collagen fleece showed significantly higher hemostatic effectiveness when compared to(More)