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Cloninger has developed a novel approach concerning relationships between psychopathological syndromes and personality by his biosocial theory. Increased levels of harm avoidance (HA) were consistently found in unipolar disorders. The present study was conducted to cross-validate, in part, previous findings that high harm avoidance (HA) persisted in the(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with very severe dementia self-rating of quality of life usually is not possible and appropriate instruments for proxy-ratings are not available. The aim of this project is to develop an instrument of clinical proxy-ratings for this population. METHODS Using electronic instruments, physicians and nurses recorded patient behaviour(More)
30 in-patients, 14 male and 16 female, aged 24-69 years (mean age 47.1 +/- 2.7) suffering from a moderately severe or severe depressive syndrome completed a new personality inventory, the KSP, on two separate occasions. The first-when they were depressed and had just been admitted to the hospital, the second when they were at home and in their customary(More)
BACKGROUND Depression and anxiety are highly prevalent disorders causing substantial impairment in daily life. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) delivered face-to-face or as self-help has shown to be an effective treatment for these disorders. Such treatments may be suitable for delivery in primary health care. AIM The aim of the article was to review(More)
Violence towards staff has become an important issue, since it has been reported to be common in various health care settings. This study aimed to describe emotional reactions among staff being exposed to violence in residential community care for the elderly: to investigate consequences from violent incidents and to describe the management of violent(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate resilience in relation to age and gender, and to elucidate the underlying structure of the Swedish version of the Resilience Scale (RS). The RS, originally created by Wagnild and Young is a 25 items scale of Lickert type with possible scores ranges from 25 to 175, the higher the score, the stronger resilience. A(More)
A survey study concerning violence was conducted among staff (n=506) working with the elderly in residential settings and ordinary homes. The major aim of the study was to investigate the incidence of violence directed towards staff by elderly people living in residential settings. Furthermore, associations between the number of violent incidents and(More)
We used filtered low spatial frequency images of facial emotional expressions (angry, fearful, happy, sad, or neutral faces) that were blended with a high-frequency image of the same face but with a neutral facial expression, so as to obtain a "hybrid" face image that "masked" the subjective perception of its emotional expression. Participants were(More)
In a pilot study of 72 psychiatric inpatients, relationships between state versus trait aspects of depression and perceived parental rearing have been investigated. It appeared that trait aspects (assessed by the mood scale of the Giessen test) yielded the most frequent and highest correlations with the factors rejection, emotional warmth and overprotection(More)
BACKGROUND Although violence toward caregivers occurs often and caregivers' ability to interact and deal with difficult situations is relevant in preventing such violence, few studies have been conducted that focus on caregivers' characteristics. AIM This study explores the relationship between perceived exposure to violence and demographical factors,(More)