Martin Eickhoff

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The present paper compares three different kinds of semiconductor gas sensing materials: metal oxides (MOX), hydrogen-terminated diamond (HD), and hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H). Whereas in MOX materials oxygen is the chemically reactive surface species, HD and a-Si:H are covalently bonded semiconductors with hydrogenterminated surfaces. We(More)
In this work the low temperature response of metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors is analyzed. Important characteristics of this low-temperature response are a pronounced selectivity to acid-and base-forming gases and a large disparity of response and recovery time constants which often leads to an integrator-type of gas response. We show that this kind of(More)
We present a novel approach for self-assembled growth of GaN quantum wires (QWRs) exhibiting strong confinement in two spatial dimensions. The GaN QWRs are formed by selective nucleation on {112[combining macron]0} (a-plane) facets formed at the six intersections of {11[combining macron]00} (m-plane) sidewalls of AlN/GaN nanowires used as a template. Based(More)
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