Martin Eggert

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Ebstein and colleagues have recently reported a significant association between the 7-repeat allele of the dopamine D4 receptor (D4DR) 16 amino acid repeat polymorphism and the personality trait of Novelty Seeking (NS) in 124 Israeli subjects. This study, and another study conducted in the US (although with a different personality measure) that observed a(More)
Association between Y chromosome haplotype variation and alcohol dependence and related personality traits was investigated in a large sample of psychiatrically diagnosed Finnish males. Haplotypes were constructed for 359 individuals using alleles at eight loci (seven microsatellite loci and a nucleotide substitution in the DYZ3 alphoid satellite locus). A(More)
Nuclear factor-kappaB activity was analyzed in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients during the course of a methylprednisolone pulse therapy. Molecular effects were evaluated using lymphocytes derived from 20 MS patients before and after therapy and 24 healthy individuals. All patients responded to treatment clinically. The mean level of DNA-binding p65 in MS(More)
Research in plasma medicine includes a major interest in understanding gas plasma-cell interactions. The immediate application of gas plasma in vitro inhibits cell attachment, vitality and cell-cell contacts via the liquid. Interestingly, in our novel experiments described here we found that the liquid-mediated plasma effect is long-lasting after storage up(More)
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