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Postnatal stem cells play a decisive role in cell-based therapies due to their high proliferation activity and functional plasticity. On the one hand, basic research in cell biological processes of adult stem cells is crucial in order to establish them as therapeutic tools. On the other hand, development and enhancements of appropriate techniques are(More)
The identification of appropriate cell types is necessary to establish cell-based therapies in regenerative medicine. These cell types must (1) be available in an appropriate amount, (2) be easy to obtain, (3) be sufficiently expandable in vitro, and (4) fit to or at least be able to differentiate into the required cell type. Since the umbilical cord is(More)
Adult stem cells from umbilical cord and cord blood are an interesting alternative to embryonic stem cells because such research is commonly recognized as ethical undisputed and many aspects are still insufficiently investigated. In the context of the STEMMAT research project (STEM = Stem Cell and MAT = Material) different aspects of stem cells from(More)
Stammzellen haben mit ihrer hohen Proliferationsaktivität und Plastizität das Potenzial, eine zentrale Funktion in zelltherapeutischen Therapieansätzen zu übernehmen. Wenngleich die Erforschung der grundlegenden zellbiologischen Prozesse in Stammzellen unabdingbar ist, so reicht dieses alleine jedoch nicht aus, um Stammzellen als Bestandteil des(More)
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