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Mutations in the human FBN1 gene are known to be associated with the Marfan syndrome, an autosomal dominant inherited multi-systemic connective tissue disorder. However, in the absence of solid genotype-phenotype correlations, the identification of an FBN1 mutation has only little prognostic value. We propose a bioinformatics framework for the mutated FBN1(More)
A focused collection of organic synthesis reactions for computer-based molecule construction is presented. It is inspired by real-world chemistry and has been compiled in close collaboration with medicinal chemists to achieve high practical relevance. Virtual molecules assembled from existing starting material connected by these reactions are supposed to(More)
In the search for new bioactive compounds, there is a trend toward increasingly complex compound libraries aiming to target the demanding targets of the future. In contrast, medicinal chemistry and traditional library design rely mainly on a small set of highly established and robust reactions. Here, we probe a set of 58 such reactions for their ability to(More)
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