Martin E Olsen

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Twin ectopic gestations are rare; the majority involve one or both fallopian tubes. The case presented is the first known report of a bilateral twin ectopic pregnancy of this type. The patient experienced a concurrent right broad ligament ectopic pregnancy along with a left interstitial pregnancy. Her history was significant for a left cornual resection(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine overall patient satisfaction with the balloon endometrial ablation procedure in women with menorrhagia. STUDY DESIGN Thirty-one women in a university hospital underwent thermal balloon endometrial ablation in the year 2000. Of these, 3 were lost to follow-up. Twenty-eight women were called and asked to participate in a survey that(More)
Serum gonadotropin and estradiol levels were measured in 14 women with regular menses during the early and midfollicular phases. Early follicular follicle-stimulating hormone and, to a lesser extent, luteinizing hormone levels were significantly higher in a group of eight women who had had at least one set of dizygotic twins (six of whom had had two sets)(More)
BACKGROUND Female patients with undiagnosed von Willebrand's disease may present with heavy menorrhagia. This is a case report of a patient with undiagnosed von Willebrand's disease presenting with recurrent corpus hemorrhagicum. CASE A nulliparous woman presented with her second episode of hemoperitoneum secondary to a ruptured corpus hemorrhagicum. (More)
Serum gonadotropin, estradiol, prolactin and alpha-1-antitrypsin levels were measured in the first four days of the menstrual cycle in 14 women who were cycling normally. FSH, and to a lesser extent LH levels, were significantly higher in a group of 8 women who had at least one set of DZ twins (6 of whom had 2 sets) than in a control group of 6 women with(More)
BACKGROUND Women with communicating double uterine anomalies are at increased risk for obstetric complications, including early pregnancy loss, preterm delivery, and breech presentation. We present the pregnancy of a woman with a previously diagnosed communicating double uterine anomaly. CASE An 18-yr-old white female with a previous diagnosis at age 11(More)