Martin Dressel

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Geant4 is a software toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter. It is used by a large number of experiments and projects in a variety of application domains, including high energy physics, astrophysics and space science, medical physics and radiation protection. Its functionality and modeling capabilities continue to be extended,(More)
Upon introducing charge carriers into the copper-oxygen sheets of the enigmatic lamellar cuprates, the ground state evolves from an insulator to a superconductor and eventually to a seemingly conventional metal (a Fermi liquid). Much has remained elusive about the nature of this evolution and about the peculiar metallic state at intermediate hole-carrier(More)
In this study we have investigated the morphology and electrical characteristics of protein layers non-covalently adsorbed onto an irregular network of carbon nanotubes (CNT). The layer system presents a prototype for an ion-sensitive field-effect transistor based on CNT-networks. The complementary characterization techniques AFM and ellipsometry give the(More)
Strain is an important method to tune the properties of topological insulators. For example, compressive strain can induce superconductivity in Bi2Se3 bulk material. Topological insulator nanostructures are the superior candidates to utilize the unique surface states due to the large surface to volume ratio. Therefore, it is highly desirable to monitor the(More)
Studies of the electromagnetic response of various classes of correlated electron materials including transition-metal oxides, organic and molecular conductors, intermetallic compounds with d and f electrons, as well as magnetic semiconductors are reviewed. Optical inquiry into correlations in all these diverse systems is enabled by experimental access to(More)
If a metal film, thick enough to be totally opaque, is perforated by tiny subwavelength holes in an orderly fashion, the transmission will be enhanced extraordinarily [T. W. Ebbesen, Nature (London) 391, 667 (1998)]. Here, we investigate the transmission through an ultrathin semitransparent Au film with a square array of subwavelength holes and observe the(More)
Polarization rotation in isotropic materials is commonly associated with chirality, i.e., structures with a handedness which are not identical with their mirror image. We observe this effect in the visible and near-IR regions at oblique incidence in the optical response of a subwavelength square array of holes. Mapping the complete k space via(More)
When water is confined to nanocavities, its quantum mechanical behavior can be revealed by terahertz spectroscopy. We place H2O molecules in the nanopores of a beryl crystal lattice and observe a rich and highly anisotropic set of absorption lines in the terahertz spectral range. Two bands can be identified, which originate from translational and(More)