Martin Drahansky

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Block matching for motion estimation has been widely used in video compression for efficient transmission and storage of video bit stream by reducing the temporal redundancy existing in a video sequence. The motion estimation is a process to predict the motion between two successive frames. This paper is primarily a review of the block matching algorithms(More)
This paper is devoted to new optical methods, which are supposed to be used for liveness detection on fingers. First we describe the basics about fake finger use in fingerprint recognition process and the possibilities of liveness detection. Then we continue with introducing three new liveness detection methods, which we developed and tested in the scope of(More)
There are many people who suffer from some of the skin diseases. These diseases have a strong influence on the process of fingerprint recognition. People with fingerprint diseases are unable to use fingerprint scanners, which is discriminating for them, since they are not allowed to use their fingerprints for the authentication purposes. First in this paper(More)
This article describes experimental results, which have been achieved from our three realized solutions of liveness detection. These liveness detection solutions were patented (international patent WO/2007/036370, Czech utility model UPV19364) and theoretically introduced in the previous work. First solution is based on detection of changes of distance(More)
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