Martin Dolejsi

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Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is becoming one of the most important modalities for the noninvasive assessment of retinal eye diseases. As the number of acquired OCT volumes increases, automating the OCT image analysis is becoming increasingly relevant. In this paper, a method for automated characterization of the normal macular appearance in spectral(More)
We are developing a complex computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system to detect small pulmonary nodules from helical CT scans. Here we present a classifier to reduce the number of false positive responses of the primary detector. Our approach is based on an asymmetric Adaboost which enables us to give different weights to missed nodules (false negatives, FNs)(More)
In this paper we describe the nature and importance of processive enzymatic reactions in biological processes. A model is set up to describe the processive synthetic process in DNA replication, and experiments are presented to define and test the model, using the components of the T4 phage-coded five-protein (in vitro) DNA replication system of Alberts.(More)
It is known that image registration is mostly driven by image edges. We have taken this idea to the extreme. In segmented images, we ignore the interior of the components and focus on their boundaries only. Furthermore, by assuming spatial compactness of the components, the similarity criterion can be approximated by sampling only a small number of points(More)
In this paper, we represent computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system for recognition of lung cancer by analyzing CT images of chest. CAD system helps to improve the diagnostic performance of radiologists in their image interpretations. The proposed system relies on three stages mainly; firstly, the CT image is enhanced. Secondly, the lung and tumor are(More)
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