Martin Dodd

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Segmental maxillary osteotomy is a useful adjunct in orthognathic surgery for the correction of vertical and transverse maxillary deformities, but we know of few published reports that document complications. We evaluated the complication rates associated with segmental maxillary surgery in our unit by retrospective review of medical records, radiographs,(More)
Three cases of unintentional overdose with simple analgesics are presented. Over a two month period, these patients presented to the accident and emergency (A&E) department with acute dental pain, outside normal working hours, having been unable to access emergency dental care. In one case the patient's reason for attendance was to obtain further supplies(More)
As all dental practitioners are aware, patients suffering from dental pain often self-medicate with over-the-counter (OTC) analgesics in order to alleviate their symptoms: indeed, some patients seem to view the use of these drugs as a means of avoiding the need for dental attendance altogether. The use (and abuse) of such medication is entirely under the(More)
Craniocervical necrotising fasciitis (CCNF) is an aggressive and potentially fatal infection associated with high morbidity and mortality if early intervention is not implemented. Patients are often unwell at presentation, the clinical picture is often unclear thus presenting with diagnostic difficulty. We report a case of CCNF presenting at an advanced(More)
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