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Confluent cultures of aortic endothelial cells contain two different cell-cell adhesion mechanisms distinguished by their requirement for calcium during trypsinization and adhesion. A hybridoma clone was isolated producing a monoclonal antibody Ec6C10, which inhibits Ca2(+)-dependent adhesion of endothelial cells. There was no inhibition of(More)
A significant proportion of the atmospheric pollution that exists particularly in urban areas arises from road vehicles and primarily cars. The European Commission (EC) have introduced a series of regulations, the so called EURO Emission directives from Euro I in 1991 to the present day Euro IV. This legislation and similar ones in other global regions have(More)
This paper provides information about LED-based spectroscopy, in particular regarding to the use of multi quantum well LEDs and its special characteristics. The advantages of LED-based spectroscopy for sensor application have already been published. We could demonstrate the feasibility of high resolution, real time in-situ measurements also in harsh(More)
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