Martin Decký

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This chapter presents our solution to the CoCoME assignment that is based on the SOFA 2.0 (SOFtware Appliances) hierarchical component model. The solution involves (i) modeling architecture in SOFA meta-model, (ii) specification of component behavior via extended behavior protocols, (iii) checking behavior compliance of components, (iv) verification of(More)
In this paper we analyze potential benefits of using the Java programming language in spacecraft on-board applications as well as problems with current Real-Time Java implementations that would have to be solved to make this possible. We base our experience on porting the Ovm Real-Time Java Virtual Machine to RTEMS/LEON2 and also our findings in the(More)
This chapter presents our solution to the CoCoME assignment that is based on the Fractal component model. The solution involves (i) modeling architecture in Fractal ADL, (ii) specification of component behavior via behavior protocols, (iii) checking compatibility of components, (iv) verification of correspondence between component code and behavior(More)
Software components as reusable building blocks for software are becoming widely used in software engineering. However, so far there has been little attempt to apply this programming and design paradigm in the domain of general-purpose operating systems. This paper analyzes several nice properties of component systems which might be beneficial in operating(More)
In this work, we propose a generic approach to collection of performance data for heterogeneous component-based applications with the aim to provide easier and less costly access to performance data needed for measurement and model-based performance analysis of component applications. The technical foundation for the approach is built on generic solutions(More)
Read-Copy-Update (RCU) is a mechanism designed to increase the level of concurrency in readers-writer synchronization scenarios, vastly improving scalability of software running on multiprocessor machines. Most existing RCU variants have been developed for and studied within the Linux kernel. Due to strong dependency on the Linux internals, they cannot be(More)
This paper is an experience report outlining a transformation of an operating systems course in a systems oriented master study program. We present the initial and current stages of the transformation and summarize the lessons learned throughout the process. To illustrate the effects of the transformation, we provide feedback gathered from the students who(More)
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