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Nine mercury-resistance plasmids isolated from river epilithon were assessed for their ability to retrotransfer the non-conjugative IncQ plasmid, R300B, derivatives of which have commercial uses that may result in accidental or deliberate release into the environment. Retrotransfer frequencies ranging from 2.1 x 10(-4) to 1.75 x 10(-5) were obtained for(More)
  • Boris Krämer, John A Burns, Jeff Borggaard, Martin Day
  • 2011
(ABSTRACT) This thesis is a numerical study of the coupled Burgers equation. The coupled Burgers equation is motivated by the Boussinesq equations that are often used to model the thermal-fluid dynamics of air in buildings. We apply Finite Element Methods to the coupled Burgers equation and conduct several numerical experiments. Based on these results, the(More)
OBJECTIVES Triclosan is in widespread use in domestic, commercial and healthcare settings and is used to reduce methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) load in carriers. Triclosan resistance is uncommon, usually being due to mutation in fabI or overexpression of efflux pumps. This study investigated the ability of triclosan-containing silicone(More)
BACKGROUND Shigellosis (previously bacillary dysentery) was the primary diarrhoeal disease of World War 1, but outbreaks still occur in military operations, and shigellosis causes hundreds of thousands of deaths per year in developing nations. We aimed to generate a high-quality reference genome of the historical Shigella flexneri isolate NCTC1 and to(More)
intestinal, and respiratory tracts, as well as wounds; bloodstream infection is associated with higher death rates than infection at other sites (4). Hand carriage is probably the biggest factor in transmission of extended-spectrum β-lactamase producers, and there is little evidence to suggest that carriers of carbapenemase-producing K. pneumoniae would be(More)
assessment of the risks from illegally imported meat contaminated with foot and mouth disease virus to Great Britain. 3. Brückner GK. Ensuring safe international trade: how are the roles and responsibilities evolving and what will the situation be in ten years' time? Rev Sci Tech. A simple and sensitive method to extract bacterial, yeast and fungal DNA from(More)
  • Glenn Forrest Sudler, Robert C Rogers, Martin Day, Donald M Chance
  • 1999
(Abstract) Arithmetic Asian options are difficult to price and hedge, since, at the present, no closed-form analytical solution exists to price them. This difficulty, moreover, has led to the development of various methods and models used to price these instruments. The purpose of this thesis is twofold. First, we present an overview of the literature.(More)