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Organisms 'discount the future' when they value imminent goods over future goods. Optimal discounting varies: selection should favour allocations of effort that effectively discount the future relatively steeply in response to cues promising relatively good returns on present efforts. However, research on human discounting has hitherto focused on stable(More)
Men take a proprietary view of women's sexuality and reproductive capacity. In this chapter, we (a) argue that sexually proprietary male psychologies are evolved solutions to the adaptive problems of male reproductive competition and potential misdirection of paternal investments in species with mistakable paternity; (b) describe the complex interrelated(More)
1 On the Sociological Need to Find Arguments That Are Effective as Well as True Plato says. .. that our ''necessary ideas'' arise from the preexistence of the soul, are not derivable from experience—read monkeys for preexistence. In order for the study of the human mind and brain to become a successful natural science, a sufficiently large number of(More)
Violence against wives occurs in all societies, but the rates at which wives are beaten and killed are enormously variable over time and place. The rate of uxoricide (wife killing) in the United States, for example, is currently approximately five to ten times greater than in western Europe. In some societies, wife beating is normative and allegedly almost(More)
It has been the prevailing view that young offenders are more present oriented than their peers, but this view has little empirical basis other than the actions that have defined these youth as offenders. In the present study, we used a decision task with actual monetary consequences to assess the tendency of young offenders and a control group of high(More)
Hirschi and Gottfredson (1983) claim that the relationship between age and crime is similar in all social and cultural conditions and that no current sociological or crimi-nological theory can account for this similarity. We introduce the new field of evolutionary psychology and extend Daly and Wilson's (1988) work on homicide to construct a general theory(More)
77 of the physical target location, implying that the mean perceived target location is nearly coincident wi th the targ e t. Thjs find ing means that perceived egocentric distance is quite accurate under full cues for the range of distallces studied. When visual cues to rus-tance are diminish ed , observers make systematic errors in their visually directed(More)
We observed radio-implanted Merriam's kangaroo rats disposing of 10-g bonanzas of rolled oats in 48 trials in the field. The principal determinant of the initial disposition of discovered food was apparently its distance from the day burrow: food found within about 10m was mainly larder hoarded, whereas food encountered farther afield was usually dispersed(More)
BACKGROUND Intimate partner violence against women is prevalent and is associated with poor health outcomes. Understanding indicators of exposure to intimate partner violence can assist health care professionals to identify and respond to abused women. This study was undertaken to determine the strength of association between selected evidence-based risk(More)