Martin Dürr

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This article launches an international research challenge in the area of intelligent e-business. The challenge is to come up with a generic model and working solution that is able to (semi-)automatically map a given product description between two different e-commerce product classification standards. A fundamental premise-and a major economic driver-behind(More)
The Computer Vision & Robotics Lab along with the Information Systems & Software Technology Lab at ICS-FORTH have recently developed a technique for marking-up different media to provide rapid entering of semantic information on large-volume multimedia databases. We expect this per medium semantic information to improve filtering of query results and(More)
BACKGROUND Distal radius fractures (DRF) are one of the most common fractures and often need surgical treatment, which has been validated through biomechanical tests. Currently a number of different fracture models are used, none of which resemble the in vivo fracture location. The aim of the study was to develop a new standardized fracture model for DRF(More)
From a library of nucleic acid molecules, which are randomized in parts of their sequence, unique sequence variants can be selected for specific properties. The planning of such an in vitro selection experiment requires some consideration regarding how much DNA template or RNA transcript should be used initially. The amount applied depends on the number of(More)
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