Martin Christof Kindsmüller

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In this paper we present a general definition of the concept ‘intuitive use of user interfaces' on the basis of our current interdisciplinary work. ‘Intuitive use’ is regarded as a characteristic of human-machine systems. It refers to a special kind of interaction process between users and technical systems that use the users' intuition. The main part of(More)
Emergency medical services (EMS) provide pre-hospital medical care and represent an important part of the rescue chain. The paramedic and physician’s work is characterized by regular day-to-day services as well as extraordinary missions within mass casualty incidents (MCIs). For several reasons, accessing, recording and communicating operational data are(More)
‘Intuitive to use’ is so often assigned to tangible user interfaces (TUIs) and physical interaction, for example, in conference lectures, informal communication and in scientific publications, that it seems obvious that physicality evokes intuitive use. However, on closer inspection the topic On intuitive use, physicality and tangible user interfaces 349(More)
Die Begriffe „Intuition“, „intuitiv“ und „Intuitivität“ werden in der Alltagssprache häufig gebraucht, um bestimmte Aspekte der Benutzung technischer Systeme zu beschreiben. Im wissenschaftlichen Diskurs werden diese Begriffe dagegen oft vermieden, da für sie bisher keine etablierte Definition existiert. Der Arbeitskreis "Intuitive Use of User Interfaces"(More)
Best possible pre-hospital treatment in the event of a mass casualty incident (MCI) is related to prioritizing rescue tasks and using rescue resources efficiently. Currently, information is almost always documented on paper-based forms and communicated by one-to-one talks, messengers, radio and mobile phone. Pervasive computer-based solutions are not(More)
This paper outlines our current research program in the fields of ambient intelligence and context-aware computing and the tools we are building to accomplish this research program. From a discussion of our conception of mental models in the domain of ambient context-aware computer systems we derive hypotheses which we intend to test empirically. A modular(More)
In this paper we present myPIM -- a graphical information management system that provides user workflow requirements in research and teaching/learning context mainly by providing a user's bookmark archive, file archive and the possibility to exchange information with colleagues. The massive growth of online information continually increases in complexity(More)
Kommt intuitive Benutzbarkeit als übergeordnetes Usability-Ziel infrage? Wenn ja, unter welchen Bedingungen? Wie wird geprüft, ob das Ziel erreicht wurde? Nach einer Klärung des Konzepts wird die Frage bearbeitet, inwiefern sich intuitive Benutzbarkeit mit dem UsabilityQualitätsmodell der ISO 9241-Serie vereinbaren lässt. Abschließend werden Implikationen(More)