Martin Christof Kindsmüller

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Die Begriffe " Intuition " , " intuitiv " und " In-tuitivität " werden in der Alltagssprache häufig gebraucht, um bestimmte Aspek-te der Benutzung technischer Systeme zu beschreiben. Im wissenschaftlichen Diskurs werden diese Begriffe dagegen oft vermieden, da für sie bisher keine etablierte Definition existiert. Der Ar-beitskreis "Intuitive Use of User(More)
In this paper we present a general definition of the concept 'intuitive use of user interfaces' on the basis of our current interdisciplinary work. 'Intuitive use' is regarded as a characteristic of human-machine systems. It refers to a special kind of interaction process between users and technical systems that use the users' intuition. The main part of(More)
After a short introduction to our concept of intuitive use of user interfaces we would like to invite the interdisci-plinary CHI community to discuss at least two impor-tant issues, namely: How does intuitive use and aes-thetics relate? And, does physicality enable intuitive use? In the following, we present some provoking the-ses to trigger the discussion(More)
In this paper we present myPIM -- a graphical information management system that provides user workflow requirements in research and teaching/learning context mainly by providing a user's bookmark archive, file archive and the possibility to exchange information with colleagues. The massive growth of online information continually increases in complexity(More)
This paper outlines our current research program in the fields of ambient intelligence and context-aware computing and the tools we are building to accomplish this research program. From a discussion of our conception of mental models in the domain of ambient context-aware computer systems we derive hypotheses which we intend to test empirically. A modular(More)
Es ist sicherlich nicht ausschließlich ein Phänomen der heutigen Zeit, wenn Benutzer technischer Systeme sich wünschen, diese auf Anhieb richtig benutzen zu können. Doch die Vielfalt und die Komplexität technischer Einrichtungen, mit denen Men-schen in den Industriegesellschaften konfrontiert werden, war nie so groß wie heute. Daher ist es verständlich,(More)
In this paper, we describe our current research concerning users' mental models of what can be called " disappearing computer systems ". This notion comprises computer systems, applications, and appliances related to ubiquitous, pervasive, or ambient computing which blend more or less seamlessly into the users' natural environment. Mental models enable(More)