Martin Cerny

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BACKGROUND Salivary hyaluronidases have been described in a few bloodsucking arthropods. However, very little is known about the presence of this enzyme in various bloodsucking insects and no data are available on its effect on transmitted microorganisms. Here, we studied hyaluronidase activity in thirteen bloodsucking insects belonging to four different(More)
Observed patterns of species richness at landscape scale (gamma diversity) cannot always be attributed to a specific set of explanatory variables, but rather different alternative explanatory statistical models of similar quality may exist. Therefore predictions of the effects of environmental change (such as in climate or land cover) on biodiversity may(More)
It is suggested that limited access to appropriate care forces psychiatric patients towards forensic treatment or to the prison system. According to our data, the number of prisoners, the number of hospitalized psychiatric patients (from 1987 to 2007), the number of court ordered forensic treatments in the Czech Republic (from 1991 to 2007), and the rate of(More)
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