Martin Cerný

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Cytokinins are plant hormones involved in regulation of diverse developmental and physiological processes in plants whose molecular mechanisms of action are being intensely researched. However, most rapid responses to cytokinin signals at the proteomic and phosphoproteomic levels are unknown. Early cytokinin responses were investigated through proteome-wide(More)
Targeting of the heat stress (HS, 40°C) to shoots, roots or whole plants substantially affects Arabidopsis physiological responses. Effective stress targeting was proved by determination of the expression of HS markers, HsfA2 and HSA32, which were quickly stimulated in the targeted organ(s), but remained low in non-stressed tissues for at least 2h. When(More)
Cytokinins (CKs) are phytohormones regulating plant growth and development as well as response to the environment. In order to evaluate their function in heat stress (HS) responses, the effect of CK elevation was determined during three types of HS - targeted to shoots, targeted to roots and applied to the whole plant. The early (30min) and longer term (3h)(More)
UNLABELLED Karrikins are butenolide plant growth regulators in smoke from burning plant material that have proven ability to promote germination and seedling photomorphogenesis. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying these processes are unclear. Here we provide the first proteome-wide analysis of early responses to karrikin in plants (Arabidopsis(More)
Posttranslational modifications (PTMs) of proteins represent fascinating extensions of the dynamic complexity of living cells' proteomes. The results of enzymatically catalyzed or spontaneous chemical reactions, PTMs form a fourth tier in the gene - transcript - protein cascade, and contribute not only to proteins' biological functions, but also to(More)
BACKGROUND Salivary hyaluronidases have been described in a few bloodsucking arthropods. However, very little is known about the presence of this enzyme in various bloodsucking insects and no data are available on its effect on transmitted microorganisms. Here, we studied hyaluronidase activity in thirteen bloodsucking insects belonging to four different(More)
The water fleas of the Daphnia pulex complex play a key role in freshwater ecosystems throughout the northern hemisphere. Despite the fact that they have been the subject of study for numerous biological disciplines, their phylogeny and species delimitation remain controversial. We used DNA sequence variation of the mitochondrial ND5 gene to reconstruct the(More)
The HomeCare is a special monitoring system of the basic life functions. It has been primarily designed to take care for elderly people. But many of the designed devices could be used in the other branches of biotelemetry. Our HomeCare system is designed with respect to user comfort and it uses as cheap technical solutions as possible. In cooperation with(More)
In nature, root systems of most terrestrial plants are protected from light exposure by growing in a dark soil environment. Hence, in vitro cultivation in transparent Petri dishes leads to physiological perturbations, but the mechanisms underlying root-mediated light perception and responses have not been fully elucidated. Thus, we compared Arabidopsis(More)
This paper proposes a new method of manual evaluation for statistical machine translation, the so-called quiz-based evaluation, estimating whether people are able to extract information from machine-translated texts reliably. We apply the method to two commercial and two experimental MT systems that participated in WMT 2010 in English-to-Czech translation.(More)