Martin Cerný

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Cytokinins are plant hormones involved in regulation of diverse developmental and physiological processes in plants whose molecular mechanisms of action are being intensely researched. However, most rapid responses to cytokinin signals at the proteomic and phosphoproteomic levels are unknown. Early cytokinin responses were investigated through proteome-wide(More)
BACKGROUND Salivary hyaluronidases have been described in a few bloodsucking arthropods. However, very little is known about the presence of this enzyme in various bloodsucking insects and no data are available on its effect on transmitted microorganisms. Here, we studied hyaluronidase activity in thirteen bloodsucking insects belonging to four different(More)
This paper proposes a new method of manual evaluation for statistical machine translation, the so-called quiz-based evaluation, estimating whether people are able to extract information from machine-translated texts reliably. We apply the method to two commercial and two experimental MT systems that participated in WMT 2010 in English-to-Czech translation.(More)
In plants, numerous developmental processes are controlled by cytokinin (CK) levels and their ratios to levels of other hormones. While molecular mechanisms underlying the regulatory roles of CKs have been intensely researched, proteomic and metabolomic responses to CK deficiency are unknown. Transgenic Arabidopsis seedlings carrying inducible barley(More)
Remote home care systems, which takes care about elderly people are going to be very necessary and useful in a few years. The population gets older and we need to solve problem how to take care about our related elderly. This article is mainly focused on movement activity monitoring of elderly people in their flats, which are equipped by our Homecare(More)
Several studies have suggested that aquatic microcrustaceans are relatively efficient dispersers in a variety of landscapes, whereas others have indicated dispersal limitation at large spatial scales or under specific circumstances. Based on a survey of a set of recently created ponds in an area of approximately 18 × 25 km, we found multiple indications of(More)
With more computing power available, video games may spare increasing amounts of processing time for AI. One prospective application of the newly available resources is the simulation of large amounts of non-player characters (NPCs) in open world games. While it is relatively easy to simulate simple behaviours of individual NPCs it is much more difficult to(More)
In recent years, computer games have reached unprecedented level of graphical fidelity to the real world. As the non-player characters (NPCs) in the game world look more and more realistic, players expect them to manifest believable behavior as well. This is accented especially in games that feature large open worlds, which players may explore freely and it(More)