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High-throughput data production technologies, particularly 'next-generation' DNA sequencing, have ushered in widespread and disruptive changes to biomedical research. Making sense of the large datasets produced by these technologies requires sophisticated statistical and computational methods, as well as substantial computational power. This has led to an(More)
A total of 246 perch Perca fluviatilis L. fry, 20 to 106 d old from 3 different reservoir subpopulations (epipelagic perch fry, EPF; bathypelagic perch fry, BPF; littoral perch fry, LPF), were examined for parasites. Six species of endoparasites were found: the nematode Camallanus lacustris was the most common, followed by the cestodes Proteocephalus(More)
The diel horizontal migration (DHM) of fish between the inshore and offshore zones of the Římov Reservoir (Czech Republic, deep, stratified, meso-eutrophic) was investigated by a combination of horizontal and vertical hydroacoustic surveys at 3-h intervals over 48 h and day/night purse seining in August 2007. An overwhelming majority of fish were aggregated(More)
Control loop performance assessment techniques are crucial for optimizing any plant or machine. They can bring huge energy and material savings and increase product quality. Usually, the performance is compared to minimum variance controller. It is known that when optimizing process controllers having fixed structure (e.g. PIDs) different concepts must be(More)
By indirect immunofluorescence using antigens of hantavirus Hantaan and CG 18-20 on Vero E6 cells were examined 5,827 samples of sera from 5,299 probands of Czechoslovakia. In 49 persons (0.94%) were found antibodies of titres 1:32 and higher. Two groups of elderly farm workers showed a cluster of positive individuals amounting to 9.9% and 29.4%(More)
Estimating the dynamic ego-pose of the camera system with respect to the road surface is a fundamental task for vision-based driver assistance applications. Existing solutions to the problem are designed to work in well-structured scenarios, i.e., on roads with bright lane markings. This paper presents a stereo-vision approach to the ego-pose estimation(More)
The behaviour of bathypelagic perch fry (BPF) was monitored during 21 May, 24 June, 8 August and 5 September 1996 along the longitudinal profile of Římov reservoir (Czech Republic), using acoustic methods (SIMRAD EY 500 echosounder, elliptical split-beam transducer, Sonar5 postprocessing software). In May, the BPF layer comprised a mass of solitary perch(More)
We investigated diel habitat use of fish covering the littoral and pelagic zones of the Římov Reservoir (Czech Republic) and analyzed the influence of predator presence and of shifting feeding habitats in all dominant species and age groups. Our sampling revealed distinctive diel changes of fish distribution in the reservoir, which were age- and(More)