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Sentinel lymph node (SN) biopsy is part of the staging procedure in breast cancer patients. In this study, we compared an intraoperative tool named one-step nucleic acid amplification (OSNA) to our routine histological investigation. OSNA consists of a short homogenization step followed by amplification of cytokeratin (CK) 19 mRNA directly from the lysate.(More)
Thirty-two isolated cotyledons from human term placentae were perfused artificially with a tissue culture medium on the maternal and the fetal side. The transfer and uptake of labelled L-lactate and D-lactate (test substance) relative to L-glucose (reference substance, extracellular marker) were investigated in steady-state experiments (n = 9) and in a(More)
Fetal malformations may introduce complications of maternal pregnancy. A polyhydramnios represents one such complication during pregnancy. We want to report five abnormal pregnancies which were marked by acute polyhydramnios and/or premature labor due to an amniotic band syndrome associated with cerebral herniation in two cases, malignant oral teratoma in(More)
An active transport for amino acids exists in maternofetal direction through the hemochorial placenta of man and guinea pig. With respect to the trophoblastic barrier some properties of the transplacental transport at both sides of this tissue are investigated. The results are compared to the methods of the transport of amino acids at intestine and kidney.(More)
The emergence of discursive institutionalism as a fourth institutionalism in political science was predicated on the success ideational scholars enjoyed in arguing that 'ideas matter' (Schmidt 2008). To defend the emphasis on ideas as an explanatory factor in political analysis, the first generations of ideational scholarship took pains to demonstrate and(More)
Continuous- and pulsed-wave Doppler velocimetry was used as an additional method of antenatal surveillance in high-risk pregnancy care. During a 30-month period with 4,169 deliveries 226 patients (5.4%) with complicated pregnancies (intrauterine growth retardation, diabetes, hypertension) were investigated. The results had only marginal influence on(More)
Fetal sheep (n=13) were chronically instrumented to measure temperatures in the maternal femoral artery (MAT), the amniotic fluid (AFT), the fetal brown adipose tissue (BFT) and the fetal arterial blood (DAT). Cooling loops were inserted into the amniotic cavity. In 4 fetuses osmotic minipumps delivering triiodothyronine (T3) were implanted subcutaneously.(More)