Martin Carstensen

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Sentinel lymph node (SN) biopsy is part of the staging procedure in breast cancer patients. In this study, we compared an intraoperative tool named one-step nucleic acid amplification (OSNA) to our routine histological investigation. OSNA consists of a short homogenization step followed by amplification of cytokeratin (CK) 19 mRNA directly from the lysate.(More)
BACKGROUND Scalp cooling is a long known method to reduce chemotherapy-induced alopecia in cancer patients with solid tumors. Due to a progress in this method, a medical device enabling individual feedback-controlled temperature regulation was evaluated. Between June 2011 and December 2012, 83 breast cancer patients were included. Evaluation was focussed on(More)
Fetal sheep (n=13) were chronically instrumented to measure temperatures in the maternal femoral artery (MAT), the amniotic fluid (AFT), the fetal brown adipose tissue (BFT) and the fetal arterial blood (DAT). Cooling loops were inserted into the amniotic cavity. In 4 fetuses osmotic minipumps delivering triiodothyronine (T3) were implanted subcutaneously.(More)
7 mature and 3 immature (12.–24. week of gestation) human placentas were studied by means of glass microelectrodes for the presence of cell potentials. It could be shown: 1. In the mature human placenta mostly (91%) cellpotentials between 0 and 20 mV are found. 2. In the immature human placenta cell potentials between 20 and 65 mV exist with a frequency of(More)
Es muß auch in Zukunft mit schweren pränatal transfusionsbedürftigen fetalen Erythroblastosen gerechnet werden. Die Sensibilisierung erfolgt in 2/3 der Fälle durch eine unterlassene Anti D-Prophylaxe bei früheren Schwangerschaften, in 23% muß ein Versagen der Anti D-Prophylaxe angenommen werden. Die pränatale Therapie ist durch den Einsatz der Sonographie,(More)
The emergence of discursive institutionalism as a fourth institutionalism in political science was predicated on the success ideational scholars enjoyed in arguing that 'ideas matter' (Schmidt 2008). To defend the emphasis on ideas as an explanatory factor in political analysis, the first generations of ideational scholarship took pains to demonstrate and(More)
Von Yudilevich [4] wurde nachgewiesen, daB der Glukosetransport in der +sol. Meerschweinchenplazenta durch die Prostaglandine (PG) E: und F2a gehemmt wird. Dies konnte durch eigene Untersuchungen [2] auch ffir den Alanintransport best/itigt werden. Es stellte sich jetzt die Frage, ob die transporthemmende Wirkung durch PG-Syntheseinhibitoren beeinflugt(More)
Isolated cotylidons of human term placentas are perfused artificially on the fetal and maternal side. The relative transfer rates of radioactive labelled D-glucose, L-glucose, D-mannose and D-mannitol across the placenta are measured and the inhibition of these transports by phloretin is studied: 1. Transfer rates of D-glucose and D-mannose exceed that of(More)
SchluJ3folgerung: Die Durchffihrung intrauteriner Transfusionen (in der BRD bei ca. 40-50 Patientinnen pro Jahr) erfordert grol3e Erfahrungen und Sachkenntnisse. Aufgrund der geringen Patientinnenzahlen, die aber in den letzten Jahren konstant geblieben sind, sollten intrauterine Transfusionen m6glichst nur noch an zwei bis drei spezialisierten(More)