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Computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MR, MRI) are modern and valuable diagnostic methods in a wide range of medical applications. Their significant advantage lies in the ability to image individual slices of the patient. The presented article details our software allowing the viewing of individual slices, slice reconstruction in various(More)
In this year, 27 years have gone since the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance was founded and 20 years since the foundation of the CMEA Standing Commission for Agriculture. If we are to evaluate the hitherto co-operation of the CMEA Standing Commission for Agriculture this year, especially in the field of veterinary medicine, the appraisement must be(More)
A support based on pyrogeneous silicon dioxide of particle size 0.01 to 0.1/um, modified by 3-(amino)propyltriethoxysilane and activated by glutaraldehyde was employed for the immobilization of concanavalin A, immunoglobulins, basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor, and chymotrypsin. Its binding capacity is comparable with that of porous supports while the(More)
The demand for expanded knowledge and accountability in critical care nursing has increased the need for qualified critical care nurses and is tempered by requirements that their preparation be cost-effective. The Emory University School of Nursing (EUSN) has pioneered in meeting this challenge. Since June 1988, a Critical Care Consortium consisting of the(More)
The purpose of this descriptive study was to obtain information concerning rates of intravascular infection in patients with central lines and to identify the variables related to nursing care of these lines that may influence the development of systemic infection. The study was conducted at a large southern teaching hospital during a 6-week period. The(More)
The presented article details our in-house developed application Visualizer allowing the visualization of various anatomical planes based on CT image data and the underlying algorithms for spatial localization of the spinal cord. The acquired information further serves for spinal curvature visualization and the automatic evaluation of certain spinal(More)
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