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This descriptive study used both quantitative and qualitative research methods to examine the food and nutrient intake, food purchasing patterns and budgeting strategies of 29 sole-parent low-income families with dependent children living in Corio Shire, Victoria, in 1989-90. Expenditure on food and nonalcoholic beverages when compared with the average for(More)
It is widely accepted that the occupational therapy profession needs to incorporate research findings into clinical practice so as to improve client outcomes. The purpose of this study was to investigate the knowledge and attitudes toward evidence-based practice (EBP) of occupational therapy students in the Republic of Ireland. A validated questionnaire was(More)
Successful change in local government can only exist if we take into account both the complex machinery of public sector service delivery and also the values and beliefs inherent within those services. This unique organisational arrangement requires a distinctive approach to change; evident in the reinterpretation of change methods within the public sector.(More)
Significant changes taking place in health care delivery in our community in Louisiana have led faculty to reexamine the associate degree nursing curriculum. We recognized the trend toward the decreased need for inpatient care and the greater need for outpatient care and home care in the community. In addition, we noted the need for nursing care to assist(More)
This paper reports some of the key findings from part of a larger research projects into the application of 3G technology in government and public sector applications. The work was sponsored by Vodafone UK plc. One of the key themes identified in the main research project was the importance of strategic innovation and business process change and how these(More)
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