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Perceptual Evaluation of Color‐to‐Grayscale Image Conversions
Color images often have to be converted to grayscale for reproduction, artistic purposes, or for subsequent processing. Methods performing the conversion of color images to grayscale aim to retain asExpand
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Evaluation of HDR tone mapping methods using essential perceptual attributes
The problem of reproducing high dynamic range images on media with restricted dynamic range has gained a lot of interest in the computer graphics community. There exist various approaches to thisExpand
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FFT and Convolution Performance in Image Filtering on GPU
Many contemporary visualization tools comprise some image filtering approach. Since image filtering approaches are very computationally demanding, the acceleration using graphics-hardware (GPU) isExpand
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Automatic photo-to-terrain alignment for the annotation of mountain pictures
We present a system for the annotation and augmentation of mountain photographs. The key issue resides in the registration of a given photograph with a 3D geo-referenced terrain model. TypicalExpand
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New measurements reveal weaknesses of image quality metrics in evaluating graphics artifacts
Reliable detection of global illumination and rendering artifacts in the form of localized distortion maps is important for many graphics applications. Although many quality metrics have beenExpand
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An Efficient Perception-based Adaptive Color to Gray Transformation
The visualization of color images in gray scale has high practical and theoretical importance. Neither the existing local, gradient based methods, nor the fast global techniques give a satisfyingExpand
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Ink-and-ray: Bas-relief meshes for adding global illumination effects to hand-drawn characters
We present a new approach for generating global illumination renderings of hand-drawn characters using only a small set of simple annotations. Our system exploits the concept of bas-reliefExpand
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TexToons: practical texture mapping for hand-drawn cartoon animations
We present a novel and practical texture mapping algorithm for hand-drawn cartoons that allows the production of visually rich animations with minimal user effort. Unlike previous techniques, ourExpand
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Video quality assessment for computer graphics applications
Numerous current Computer Graphics methods produce video sequences as their outcome. The merit of these methods is often judged by assessing the quality of a set of results through lengthy userExpand
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Learning to Predict Localized Distortions in Rendered Images
In this work, we present an analysis of feature descriptors for objective image quality assessment. We explore a large space of possible features including components of existing image qualityExpand
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