Martin Cadík

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The problem of reproducing high dynamic range images on devices with restricted dynamic range has gained a lot of interest in the computer graphics community. There exist various approaches to this issue, which span several research areas including computer graphics, image processing, color vision, physiological aspects, etc. These approaches assume a(More)
Many contemporary visualization tools comprise some image filtering approach. Since image filtering approaches are very computationally demanding, the acceleration using graphics-hardware (GPU) is very desirable to preserve interactivity of the main visualization tool itself. In this article we take a close look on GPU implementation of two basic approaches(More)
We present a system for the annotation and augmentation of mountain photographs. The key issue resides in the registration of a given photograph with a 3D geo-referenced terrain model. Typical outdoor images contain little structural information, particularly mountain scenes whose aspect changes drastically across seasons and varying weather conditions.(More)
Reliable detection of global illumination and rendering artifacts in the form of localized distortion maps is important for many graphics applications. Although many quality metrics have been developed for this task, they are often tuned for compression/transmission artifacts and have not been evaluated in the context of synthetic CG-images. In this work,(More)
Numerous current Computer Graphics methods produce video sequences as their outcome. The merit of these methods is often judged by assessing the quality of a set of results through lengthy user studies. We present a full-reference video quality metric geared specifically towards the requirements of Computer Graphics applications as a faster computational(More)
Nowadays, it is evident that we must consider human perceptual properties to visualize information clearly and efficiently. We may utilize computational models of human visual systems to consider human perception well. Image quality assessment is a challenging task that is traditionally approached by such computational models. Recently, a new assessment(More)
We propose a general hybrid approach to the issue of reproduction of high dynamic range images on devices with limited dynamic range. Our approach is based on combination of arbitrary global and local tone mapping operators. Recent perceptual studies concerning the reproduction of HDR images have shown high importance of preservation of overall image(More)