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Final Appeal: Decision-Making in Canadian Courts of Appeal
Law, Crime, Punishment and SocietyGreg MarquisIan Greene et al. Toronto: James Lorimer and Company Ltd., 1998. 235 pp.Legal studies in Canada are experiencing a golden age as articles, anthologiesExpand
Bedouin Tribes and the Imperial Intelligence Services in Syria, Iraq and Transjordan in the 1920s
Bedouin tribes were among those most affected by the mandate frontiers and new regimes imposed across the Middle East. Their nomadic traditions clashed with confinement within a single state. In theExpand
Fight or Flight: Britain, France, and their Roads from Empire
Introduction 1. Imperial Zenith? The European Empires after World War I 2. Empires and the Challenge of Total War 3. Brave New World? Rebuilding Empire after World War II 4. Fiery Sunsets: FightingExpand
Fighting EOKA: the British counter-insurgency campaign on Cyprus, 1955–1959
It is no easy task for anyone to write about the Cyprus emergency because it can excite passions from the various sides involved, but French succeeds because he tells it how it is. His account isExpand
The French Empire Between the Wars: Imperialism, Politics and Society
Introduction The Setting - politics and colonial administration after the First World War 1. Consolidation and expansion 2. Colonial planning and administrative practice 3. The empire and the FrenchExpand
Empires of Intelligence: Security Services and Colonial Disorder after 1914
List of Illustrations Acknowledgments List of Abbreviations Introduction: Exploring Intelligence and Empire 1. The Development of Intelligence Services and Security Policing in North Africa and theExpand
Britain, France and Appeasement: Anglo-French Relations in the Popular Front Era
This book investigates the course of Anglo-French policy in Europe from 1936 to1938, a critical period during which France was governed by a series of Popular Front coalition Ministries. It assertsExpand
Violence and Colonial Order: Police, Workers and Protest in the European Colonial Empires, 1918-1940
Introduction: police, labour and colonial violence Part I. Ideas and Practices: 1. Colonial policing: a discursive framework 2. 'What did you do in the colonial police force, daddy?' PolicingExpand