Martin C. Kohli

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It has long been known that despite well-documented improvements in longevity for most Americans, alarming disparities persist among racial groups and between the well-educated and those with less education. In this article we update estimates of the impact of race and education on past and present life expectancy, examine trends in disparities from 1990(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss issues and concerns in the application of the theory of planned behavior (TPB) to the decision to have a child. METHOD We review the basic structure of the TPB, its principles, and its assumptions as they apply to fertility decisions. Among other issues we consider attitudes, subjective norms, and perceptions of control as antecedents(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the net balance of transfers between persons aged 50 and older and their family, taking into account both the exchange of money and the exchange of practical assistance (time). Toward this end, a unique net balance outcome measure was computed by costing the value of time transfers into wage equivalents. The study made(More)
BACKGROUND Gender equity theory in relation to fertility argues that very low fertility is the result of incoherence in the levels of gender equity in individually oriented social institutions and family-oriented social institutions. The salience of gender to the fertility transition is strong in theory but not as strong in specification of testable(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines the consequences of private intergenerational transfers from elderly parents to their middle-aged children with respect to social inequality within the children's generation. METHODS With use of the nationally representative cross-sectional sample of the German Aging Survey, descriptive analyses as well as multivariate(More)
Impact of a health informatics research project on the management and delivery of primary health care, focusing on maternal and child health care (MCH), was reported earlier in 1992, with encouraging results in terms of increased antenatal care coverage and decrease in Immunisation drop-outs. The software (MCHS) was based on essential data sets (EDS) to(More)
As part of the modern institutionalization of the life course, chronological age boundaries have become highly salient even though they seem to contradict many of the values and systemic requirements of modern societies. During the past few decades, strict age boundaries have been increasingly criticized, and empirically they have become somewhat more(More)
This study investigated how public health nutrition directors and practitioners each rated the effectiveness of their professional performance. We examined the specific factors which were predictive of each set of effectiveness ratings. Eleven directors supplied the names and addresses of 226 practitioners, each of whom was mailed a questionnaire. The(More)
BACKGROUND Many of the reproductive decisions that humans make happen without much planning or forethought, arising instead through the use of simple choice rules or heuristics that involve relatively little information and processing. Nonetheless, these heuristic-guided decisions are typically beneficial, owing to humans’ ecological rationality – the(More)