Martin C Hutchings

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We have developed a series of 4-thiophenoxy-N-(3,4,5-trialkoxyphenyl) pyrimidine-2-amines as potent and selective inhibitors of p56lck tyrosine kinase activity. In particular, the most potent inhibitor shows cellular activity in T-cell receptor (TCR) stimulated models of cytokine release, which suggests an immunomodulatory role for this class of inhibitor.
The preparation of the selective VEGF-R2 kinase inhibitor 10 (JNJ-17029259) is described in which the key precursor, 4-(5-isoxazolyl)benzonitrile, undergoes clean transformation to the corresponding cumylamine derivative with CeCl(3)-MeLi in THF. This high-yielding cerium mediated transformation is robust, reproducible, and readily scalable based on a(More)
Activation of the tyrosine kinase ZAP 70 has been shown to be crucial to the transduction of the T-cell receptor signalling pathway, which leads ultimately to proliferation, cytokine gene expression and T-cell effector functions. A series of 2-phenylaminopyrimidines have been identified as potent and selective inhibitors of ZAP 70.
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