Martin C. Byford

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This paper is the first to examine collusion at the extensive margin (whereby firms collude by avoiding entry into each other’s markets or territories). We demonstrate that such collusion offers distinct predictions for the role of multiple markets in sustaining collusion such as the use of proportionate response enforcement mechanisms, the possibilities of(More)
We provide a new model that generates persistent performance differences amongst seemingly similar enterprises. Our model provides a mechanism whereby efficient incumbent rivals can give permission for an inefficient firm to exist in the presence of efficient entrants. We demonstrate that, in a repeated game, an efficient incumbent has a unilateral(More)
This paper develops a theoretical foundation for the undercut-proof equilibrium (see Shy, 1996, 2002; Morgan and Shy, 2013). In a general spatial setting, the set of undercut-proof prices is equivalent the core of a non-transferable utility cooperative-game, played on the set of outcomes that are feasible in Bertrand competition. The result depends(More)
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