Martin Burns

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— We propose a block-cipher mode of operation that optimizes protection in small embedded automation devices that have both extremely large and extremely small messages, in which the canonical form of message addressing information, needed in forming nonces, has almost unbounded length.
The human hand uses a combination of feedforward and feedback mechanisms to accomplish high degree of freedom in grasp control efficiently. In this study, we used a synergy-based control model to determine the effect of sensory feedback on kinematic synergies in the grasping hand. Ten subjects performed two types of grasps: one that included feedback (real)(More)
Kinematic synergies in human hand movements have shown promising applications in dexterous control of robotic and prosthetic hands. We and others have previously derived kinematic synergies from human hand grasping movements using a widely used linear dimensionality reduction method, Principal Component Analysis (PCA). As the human biomechanical system is(More)
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