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Note From the Writing Group: Throughout this article, the reader will notice combinations of superscripted letters and numbers (eg, " Initial Recognition BLS-003A, BLS-003B "). These callouts are hyperlinked to evidence-based worksheets, which were used in the development of this article. An appendix of worksheets, applicable to this article, is located at(More)
Computer security, and intrusion detection in particular, has become increasingly important in today's business environment, to ensure safe and trusted commerce between business partners as well as effective organizational functioning. Various approaches to intrusion detection are currently being utilized, but unfortunately in practice these approaches are(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether the inclusion of any specific resuscitation training educational strategy in developing countries improves outcomes. METHODS As part of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation evidence evaluation process, a systematic review of the literature was conducted. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews; Medline;(More)
Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) remains a tragic occurrence on the football field. The limits of preparticipation cardiovascular screening make it compulsory that prearranged emergency medical services be available at all football matches to immediately respond to any collapsed player. Management of SCA involves prompt recognition, immediate cardiopulmonary(More)
The importance of properly securing an organization's information and computing resources has become paramount in modern business. Intrusion detection systems in particular have an increasingly valuable role to play: as networks grow and more information becomes available, administrators need better ways to monitor their systems. Most current intrusion(More)
Despite the recognition of specialists in emergency medicine and the professionalisation of prehospital emergency care, international guidelines and consensus are often ignored, and the lag between guideline publication and translation into clinical practice is protracted. South African literature should reflect the latest evidence to guide resuscitation(More)