Martin Boisvert

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We have demonstrated previously that the brassinosteroid (BR) 24-epibrassinolide exerts neuroprotective effects deriving from its antioxidative properties. In this study, we synthesized 2 natural BRs and 5 synthetic analogs and analyzed their neuroprotective actions in neuronal PC12 cells, against 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP(+)), a neurotoxin known to(More)
BACKGROUND It is now widely recognised that student's self-perceptions of competence have an effect on their behaviours and learning. Previous studies have shown that children only gradually develop the ability to evaluate accurately their own competence. One possible explanation for this is that younger children have not reached a level of cognitive(More)
In this paper, we present a new modular lab on a chip design for multimodal neurotransmitter (NT) sensing and niosome generation based on a plug-and-play concept. This architecture is a first step toward an automated platform for an automated modulation of neurotransmitter concentration to understand and/or treat neurodegenerative diseases. A modular(More)
(1994) Mortalité infantile et consanguinité dans une population endogame du Québec [In French]. (1993) Inbreeding effects on a pre reproductive mortality: a case-control study in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (Quebec, Canada) based on a population registry 1838-1971.
In 3 experiments involving young children (N = 164), excellent perceptual integration of parts and wholes was revealed, unlike findings of earlier Piagetian studies (D. Elkind, R. R. Koegler, & E. Go, 1964). In Experiment 1, 5-year-olds' performance in part-whole perception was raised nearly sixfold when a multiple-choice task was substituted for the(More)
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