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We survey half-linear dynamic equations on time scales. These contain the well-known half-linear differential and half-linear difference equations as special cases, but also other kinds of half-linear equations. Special cases of half-linear equations are the well-studied linear equations of second order. We discuss existence and uniqueness of solutions of(More)
We consider a linear Hamiltonian Difference System for the so-called singular case so that discrete Sturm᎐Liouville Equations of higher order are included in our theory. We introduce the concepts of focal points for matrix-valued and generalized zeros for vector-valued solutions of the system and define disconjugacy for linear Hamiltonian Difference(More)
" Contemporary Mathematics and Its Applications " is a book series of monographs, textbooks, and edited volumes in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. Authors and/or editors should send their proposals to the Series Editors directly. For general information about the series, T his book is devoted to a rapidly developing branch of the qualitative(More)