Martin Blakemore

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By implementing collaborative care for patients with alcohol misuse and alcohol-related liver disease, the Royal Bolton Hospital aimed to improve and coordinate their care by recruiting a multidisciplinary team and placing the patient at the centre of all efforts. There has been a marked improvement in the accuracy of the drinking histories taken,(More)
The radiographs of 153 children suffering from Perthes' disease of one hip were studied to examine the bony outline of the femoral capital epiphysis in the unaffected hip. In 48.4 per cent of patients irregularity of the surface, flattening or dimpling, were noted; in the majority of instances (37.2 per cent) these changes were present in the initial(More)
The trochlear epiphysis is subject to an osteochondritic process which has a natural history similar to that affecting other sites. This report deals with three patients in whom radiological signs of fragmentation, fissuring, and increased density of the ossific nucleus occurred in conjunction with mild symptoms which gradually resolved within 1 year to 18(More)
We describe the use of proximal stacked wires for the removal of an intramedullary nail in the context of difficult extraction and failed attempts by conventional methods. This percutaneous technique is particularly useful for the extraction of narrow cannulated or solid intramedullary nails after failure of removal by extraction bolt devices.
An analysis of the accuracy of the operators' assessments of the hold of bone screws is reported. These assessments of screw hold were compared with measurements from pullout testing. Four operators, encompassing a range of experiences in terms of screw insertion, prepared the pilot holes, and inserted a number of screws, assigning each with a score from 0(More)
Twenty-four hips in twenty children affected by Group 1 Perthes' disease have been reviewed to assess the radiographic result after a minimum follow-up of four years. The children were allocated to Group 1 prospectively after examination of the early radiographs and no specific treatment of the affected hip was provided. The radiographic end results(More)