Martin Binks

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Seven-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccination commenced in 2001 for Australian indigenous infants. Pneumococcal carriage surveillance detected substantial replacement with nonvaccine serotypes and a cluster of serotype 1 carriage. Our aim was to review Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 1 carriage and invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) data for this(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet holds promise for the delivery of evidence-based weight loss treatment to underserved populations. However, most studies do not reflect the more naturalistic and common ad libitum, or freely at will, use of the Internet. Randomized clinical trials, for example, typically include at least some direct contact with participants and(More)
INTRODUCTION The psychological influence of food (PFS) and perceived barriers to lifestyle change (PBLC) were considered as predictors of body mass index and website tool utilization (TU) in an online weight loss program. MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY An archival analysis of all (N = 1361) overweight/obese (BMI M = 31.6 + 6.24 kg/m2), adult (M = 42.0 + 10.72(More)
Human food intake is regulated by physiological energy homeostatic mechanisms and hedonic mechanisms. These are affected by both very short-term and longer-term calorie restriction (CR). To date, there are parallel discussions in the literature that fail to integrate across these disciplines and topics. First, much of the available neuroimaging research(More)
Acknowledgments 4 Foreword 5 Executive summary 6 Recommendations 7 Introduction 8 Definition of innovation 9 Incremental, radical and disruptive Innovation 11 Examples of UK radical innovations 12 Totalcare® from Rolls-Royce: meeting the needs of key customers 12 through radical innovation Concrete Canvas: commercialising a radical innovation 13 developed(More)
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