Martin Beer

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In systems composed of multiple autonomous agents, negotiation is a key form of interaction that enables groups of agents to arrive at a mutual agreement regarding some belief, goal or plan, for example. Particularly because the agents are autonomous and cannot be assumed to be benevolent, agents must influence others to convince them to act in certain(More)
!Student modelling and agent classified rules learning as applied in the development of the intelligent Pre-assessment System has been presented in [10],[11]. In this paper, we now demystify the theory behind the development of the pre-assessment system followed by some computational experimentation and graph visualisation of the agent classified rules(More)
Objects or structures that are regular take uniform dimensions. Based on the concepts of regular models, our previous research work has developed a system of a regular ontology that models learning structures in a multiagent system for uniform pre-assessments in a learning environment. This regular ontology has led to the modelling of a classified rules(More)
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