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Over the first 3 days of experimentally induced peritonitis, 40 rabbits were given oxygen intraperitoneally (IP) up to a pressure of 3 to 5 mm Hg in the peritoneal cavity at 12-hour intervals. Compared with a control group, significant differences were recorded in the mortality rate within the studied 7-day period of peritonitis (p less than 0.05). In 29(More)
Correlations are very significant from the earliest days; in some cases, it is essential as it is difficult to measure the amount directly, and in other cases it is desirable to ascertain the results with other tests through correlations. Soft computing techniques are now being used as alternate statistical tool, and new techniques such as artificial neural(More)
The Handlovská kotlina Basin (Fig.1) belongs to the areas with the highest occurrences of slope movements in Slovakia. Forty eight percent of the total area is affected by slope deformations. This phenomenon is markedly reducing the possibility of land use in this area. Catastrophic landslide destroyed 216 houses of Handlová city at the beginning of the(More)
This study deals with a methodical identification and evaluation of physical-mechanical properties of one genetic type of geological structure. This is represented by an engineering-geological zone of eolian sediments, which is regionally rather abundant. The paper contributes to a need to identify typical soil properties for widespread geological(More)
Earthquakes hit urban centres in Europe infrequently, but occasionally with disastrous effects. Obtaining an unbiased view of seismic hazard (and risk) is therefore very important. In principle, the best way to test probabilistic seismic hazard assessments (PSHAs) is to compare them with observations that are entirely independent of the procedure used to(More)
Indication criteria of adult patients with atrial septal defects type II for surgery are not uniform so far. In a group of 150 adult patients with atrial septal defects type II operated in 1978-1987 at the cardiosurgical department in Brno the authors report the following results: a mortality on operation of 0.7% and a very satisfactory postoperative(More)
An analysis is presented of the results attained in 207 patients operated for isolated atrial septal defect at Centre of Cardiac Surgery in Brno from Jan. 1, 1978 to March 31, 1982. The paper discusses classification of the defects, the surgical procedure, results and complications, as well as indications and counterindications for surgery. Early mortality(More)