Martin Bednarik

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Correlations are very significant from the earliest days; in some cases, it is essential as it is difficult to measure the amount directly, and in other cases it is desirable to ascertain the results with other tests through correlations. Soft computing techniques are now being used as alternate statistical tool, and new techniques such as artificial neural(More)
1 Abstract The Handlovská kotlina Basin (Fig.1) belongs to the areas with the highest occurrences of slope movements in Slovakia. Forty eight percent of the total area is affected by slope deformations. This phenomenon is markedly reducing the possibility of land use in this area. Catastrophic landslide destroyed 216 houses of Handlová city at the beginning(More)
The paper deals with the influence of soil genesis on the physical-mechanical properties. The presented case study was conducted in the region of the Ostrava Basin where there is a varied genetic composition of the Quaternary geological structure on the underlying Neogeneous sediments which are sediments of analogous granulometry but different genesis. In(More)
After reconstruction of the right ventricular outflow tract in the tetralogy of Fallot by means of a pericardial patch or patch from synthetic material in rare instances an aneurysm of the right ventricle may develop. The authors diagnosed seven postoperative aneurysms of the right ventricle in a group of 220 children operated on account of the tetralogy of(More)
Underground mining activities may potentially play a role on the initiation and reactivation of the slope movements. However, an adequate attention has not yet been paid to these problems; in this study, the possible influence of present and former mining activities on the selected set of model slope deformations in the Ostrava-Karviná Coalfield (Opliji,(More)
Indication criteria of adult patients with atrial septal defects type II for surgery are not uniform so far. In a group of 150 adult patients with atrial septal defects type II operated in 1978-1987 at the cardiosurgical department in Brno the authors report the following results: a mortality on operation of 0.7% and a very satisfactory postoperative(More)