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In this work we demonstrate the feasibility of applying small-angle X-ray scattering computed tomography (SAXS-CT) for non-invasive molecular imaging of myelin sheaths in a rat brain. Our results show that the approach yields information on several quantities, including the relative myelin concentration, its periodicity, the total thickness of the myelin(More)
Due to the potential of compact imaging systems with magnified spatial resolution and contrast, cone-beam x-ray differential phase-contrast computed tomography (DPC-CT) has attracted significant interest. The current proposed FDK reconstruction algorithm with the Hilbert imaginary filter will induce severe cone-beam artifacts when the cone-beam angle(More)
To explore the potential of grating-based x-ray phase-contrast computed tomography (CT) for preclinical research, a genetically engineered mouse model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) was investigated. One ex-vivo mouse specimen was scanned with different grating-based phase-contrast CT imaging setups covering two different settings: i)(More)
Grating-based phase-contrast computed tomography (PCCT) is a promising imaging tool on the horizon for pre-clinical and clinical applications. Until now PCCT has been plagued by strong artifacts when dense materials like bones are present. In this paper, we present a new statistical iterative reconstruction algorithm which overcomes this limitation. It(More)
PURPOSE To assess whether grating-based X-ray dark-field imaging can increase the sensitivity of X-ray projection images in the diagnosis of pulmonary emphysema and allow for a more accurate assessment of emphysema distribution. MATERIALS AND METHODS Lungs from three mice with pulmonary emphysema and three healthy mice were imaged ex vivo using a(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was to investigate microstructural changes occurring in unilateral renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in a murine animal model using synchrotron radiation. MATERIAL AND METHODS The effects of renal ischemia-reperfusion were investigated in a murine animal model of unilateral ischemia. Kidney samples were harvested on day 18.(More)
Invasive cancer causes a change in density in the affected tissue, which can be visualized by x-ray phase-contrast tomography. However, the diagnostic value of this method has so far not been investigated in detail. Therefore, the purpose of this study was, in a blinded manner, to investigate whether malignancy could be revealed by non-invasive x-ray(More)
We present a numerical tool to compare directly the contrast-to-noise-ratio (CNR) of the attenuation- and differential phase-contrast signals available from grating-based X-ray imaging for single radiographs. The attenuation projection is differentiated to bring it into a modality comparable to the differential phase projection using a Gaussian derivative(More)
Visually guided flight control in the rainforest is arguably one of the most complex insect behaviors: illumination varies dramatically depending on location [1], and the densely cluttered environment blocks out most of the sky [2]. What visual information do insects sample for flight control in this habitat? To begin answering this question, we determined(More)
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic and progressive lung disease with a median life expectancy of 4-5 years after initial diagnosis. Early diagnosis and accurate monitoring of IPF are limited by a lack of sensitive imaging techniques that are able to visualize early fibrotic changes at the epithelial-mesenchymal interface. Here, we report a new(More)