Martin Beaman

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BACKGROUND Whipple's disease (WD) of the brain without evidence of systemic involvement is a rare illness that is difficult to recognize and potentially life-threatening. AIM To elucidate the clinical features and diagnosis of primary WD of the brain. DESIGN A single case study, with review of published data. METHODS We linked the information about(More)
BACKGROUND Peripheral edema, in combination with severe proteinuria and low serum albumin levels, is pathognomonic of the nephrotic syndrome, yet the exact mechanism of its formation is unknown. Two of the most important of the factors in Starling's forces controlling fluid filtration across the capillary have hitherto not been studied in nephrotic(More)
From 133 to 615 glomeruli were examined in sections of kidneys from each of 60 animals, representing six rodent models of proteinuria. Particular attention was paid to the position of segmental lesions. Lewis rats given sheep anti-rat glomerular basement membrane antibodies had lesions almost exclusively at the glomerulo-tubular junction. Wistar rats on a(More)
Antibody responses against pneumococcal capsular antigens and tetanus toxoid were measured in 14 patients with chronic renal failure who were managed by continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) or haemodialysis (HD) and in eight healthy controls. IgG antipneumococcal responses were predominantly of the IgG2 and to a lesser extent IgG1 subclasses,(More)
1. The nephrotic syndrome was induced in inbred female Wistar rats by the intravenous injection of puromycin aminonucleoside (PA) (5 mg/100 g body weight). 2. One group (n = 12) received superoxide dismutase (SOD) (15 mg/kg body weight), a second group (n = 12) received polyethylene glycol coupled catalase (PEG-catalase) (5000 i.u./kg body weight) and the(More)
renal failure and C serology were negative. Anti-neutrophil cyto-plasmic antibody titres (p and c) were negative. Chest X-ray confirmed pulmonary oedema. He commenced haemodialysis via a temporary double lumen subcla
BACKGROUND/AIMS The majority of patients presenting to our district general hospital with renal vasculitis are elderly. Older patients respond less well to treatment and have a poorer prognosis. We investigated the relationship between age and outcome of renal vasculitis in our centre and examined the evidence regarding treatment of elderly patients with(More)
PURPOSE To explore nurse practitioners' (NPs) perceptions of their own caring behaviors, the relationship between sociodemographic variables, environmental factors, and NP's perceptions of their caring behaviors. DATA SOURCES A mailed survey to a systematic random sample of 200 members of an Illinois NP group. CONCLUSIONS The top ten caring behaviors in(More)
The operations were performed over 17 months by a Traditional practice in abdominal wall hernia repair in single surgeon. One patient had two repairs at different peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients necessitates disconsites and times, three had two hernias repaired tinuing PD for a period of days to weeks after operasimultaneously. tion to avoid undue stress(More)