Martin Barry

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Prosody is an important feature of language, comprising intonation, loudness, and tempo. Emotional prosodic processing forms an integral part of our social interactions. The main aim of this study was to use bold contrast fMRI to clarify the normal functional neuroanatomy of emotional prosody, in passive and active contexts. Subjects performed six separate(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct a systematic review of randomised trials of patient decision aids in improving decision making and outcomes. DESIGN We included randomised trials of interventions providing structured, detailed, and specific information on treatment or screening options and outcomes to aid decision making. Two reviewers independently screened and(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence suggests a reversal of the normal left-lateralised response to speech in schizophrenia. AIMS To test the brain's response to emotional prosody in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. METHOD BOLD contrast functional magnetic resonance imaging of subjects while they passively listened or attended to sentences that differed in emotional(More)
In recent years, historians of biology have drawn attention to the fact that during the period 1830-59-the three decades before the publication of Darwin's Origin of species-a major change took place in biological thought in England. Teleological explanations of the Cuvierian and Paleyan kind were amended, if not entirely supplanted, by a mixture of(More)
Developing and sustaining partnerships for promoting health has been identified as an important strategy for addressing the health challenges that face society. Trust is one of the most important factors that help partnerships function effectively. In health promotion partnerships, trust is an under-researched and poorly understood phenomenon. This study(More)
Reducing the burden of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) is one of the key strategic targets advanced by the Sustainable Development Goals. Despite the unprecedented effort deployed for NTD elimination in the past decade, their control, mainly through drug administration, remains particularly challenging: persistent poverty and repeated exposure to(More)