Martin Balazovjech

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A new simple Lagrangian method with favorable stability and efficiency properties for computing general plane curve evolutions is presented. The method is based on the flowing finite volume discretization of the intrinsic partial differential equation for updating the position vector of evolving family of plane curves. A curve can be evolved in the normal(More)
We introduce a new higher order scheme for computing a tangentially stabilized curve shortening flow with a driving force represented by an intrinsic partial differential equation for an evolving curve position vector. Our new scheme is a combination of the explicit forward Euler and the fully-implicit backward Euler schemes. At any discrete time step, the(More)
We introduce a new way of computation of time dependent partial differential equations using hybrid method FEM in space and FDM in time domain and explicit computational scheme. The key idea is quick transformation of standard basis functions into new simple basis functions. This new way is used for better computational efficiency. We explain this way of(More)
The objective of this paper is to determine temperature dependent heat transfer coefficient for the characterization of porous materials in the range 20 – 60 º C, using the approach based on the solution of the inverse heat transfer problem and results of measuring boundary conditions. The surface temperature distribution is measured using the infrared(More)
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