Martin B. Hansen

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— Optimal design and dimensioning of wireless data networks, such as GPRS, requires the knowledge of traffic characteristics of different data services. This paper presents an in-detail analysis of an IP-level traffic measurements taken in an operational GPRS network. The data measurements reported here are done at the Gi interface. The aim of this paper is(More)
— Remote access to dynamically changing information elements is a required functionality for various network services, including routing and instances of context-sensitive networking. Three fundamentally different strategies for such access are investigated in this paper: (1) a reactive approach initiated by the requesting entity, and two versions of(More)
This paper presents a graphical integrated modelling and performance-analysis tool based on deterministic network calculus (DNC) and implemented as an open source toolbox for the MATLAB/SimuLink environment. The paper introduces briefly the main concepts from network calculus and especially recent results for systems with cyclic dependencies, which appear(More)
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  • Morten Thesis, Dina Larsen, +8 authors Iv Sammendrag
  • 1995
1995 Preface This thesis is submitted in fullllment of part of the requirements for the Ph.D. During the work on this thesis I have received encouragement and help from many people. I gratefully acknowledge all their support, and I hope that I forget no one here. Thanks to my supervisory board: Mogens Flensted-Jensen (KVL), JJrgen Steensgaard Madsen (DTU)(More)
In this paper, it is demonstrated how a nonparametric estimator of the stationary workload distribution function of the M/G/1-queue can be obtained by systematic sampling the workload process. Weak convergence results and bootstrap methods for empirical distribution functions for stationary associated sequences are used to derive asymptotic results and(More)
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