Martin B. Hansen

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of a known kernel k(ω, λ). The problem is difficult in part because the integral operator K : Γ 7→ G is smoothing, making the “inverse problem” K−1 : G 7→ Γ ill-posed in the sense that small changes in G may be associated with large changes in Γ. The most common approaches to solving Equation (1) for the unknown Γ begin by approximating this(More)
The linear contact distribution function is shown to be continuously diieren-tiable for any stationary random closed set, which implies the existence of a continuous density and hazard rate. Moreover, it is proved that the density is monotone decreasing. When the linear contact distribution function is estimated from observations in a bounded window, the(More)
Optimal design and dimensioning of wireless data networks, such as GPRS, requires the knowledge of traffic characteristics of different data services. This paper presents an in-detail analysis of an IP-level traffic measurements taken in an operational GPRS network. The data measurements reported here are done at the Gi interface. The aim of this paper is(More)
Remote access to dynamically changing information elements is a required functionality for various network services, including routing and instances of context-sensitive networking. Three fundamentally different strategies for such access are investigated in this paper: (1) a reactive approach initiated by the requesting entity, and two versions of(More)
This paper presents a graphical integrated modelling and performance-analysis tool based on deterministic network calculus (DNC) and implemented as an open source toolbox for the MATLAB/SimuLink environment. The paper introduces briefly the main concepts from network calculus and especially recent results for systems with cyclic dependencies, which appear(More)
For applications in spatial statistics, an important property of a random set X in R k is its rst contact distribution. This is the distribution of the distance from a xed point 0 to the nearest point of X, where distance is measured using scalar dilations of a xed test set B. We show that, if B is convex and contains a neighbourhood of 0, the rst contact(More)
Motivated by applications in call center management, we propose a framework based on empirical process techniques for inference about the waiting time and patience distribution in multiserver queues with abandonment. The framework rigorises heuristics based on survival analysis of independent and identically distributed observations by allowing correlated(More)