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While extensive research points to mechanical injury of the cervical facet joint as a mechanism of whiplash injury, findings remain speculative regarding its potential for causing pain. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between facet joint distraction, capsular ligament strain, cellular nociceptive responses, and pain. A novel rat(More)
Whiplash injury can produce pain in the neck, arm, and hand, and has been associated with inflammation. However, the relationship between inflammatory responses and pain symptoms remains unknown, hindering the development of appropriate therapeutics for whiplash symptoms. Two joint loading paradigms were used separately in an established rat model of(More)
Clinical, epidemiological, and biomechanical studies suggest the involvement of the cervical facet joint in neck pain. Mechanical studies have suggested the facet capsular ligament to be at risk for subfailure tensile injury during whiplash kinematics of the neck. Ligament mechanical properties can be altered by subfailure injury and such loading can induce(More)
This paper describes a three part analysis to characterize the interaction between the female upper extremity and a helicopter cockpit side airbag system and to develop dynamic hyperextension injury criteria for the female elbow joint. Part I involved a series of 10 experiments with an original Army Black Hawk helicopter side airbag. A 5(th) percentile(More)
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