Martin Büchi

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BACKGROUND Monitoring contrast medium wash-in kinetics in hyperemic myocardium by magnetic resonance (MR) allows for the detection of stenosed coronary arteries. In this prospective study, the quality of a multislice MR approach with respect to the detection and sizing of compromised myocardium was determined and compared with positron emission tomography(More)
Component software means reuse and separate marketing of pre-manufactured binary components. This requires components from different vendors to be composed very late, possibly by end users at run time as in compound-document frameworks. To this aim, we propose generic wrappers, a new language construct for stronglytyped class-based languages. With generic(More)
Type compatibility can be defined based on name equivalence, that is, explicit declarations, or on structural matching. We argue that component software has demands for both. For types expressing individual contracts, name equivalence should be used so that references are made to external semantical specifications. For types that are composed of several(More)
BACKGROUND Metabolic assessment of dysfunctional myocardium by PET allows prediction of functional recovery after revascularization. Contrast-enhanced MR (ce-MR) discriminates transmural distribution of viable and scar tissue with excellent spatial resolution. Both techniques were applied in ischemic chronic left ventricular dysfunction to relate metabolism(More)
In a collaboration between the University of Texas (software) and the University of Zürich (hardware) a compact, automatic system for biplane quantitative coronary arteriography was developed. The system is based on a 35 mm filmprojector, a slow-scan CCD-camera (image digitizing) and a computer workstation (Apollo DN 3000, image storage and processing). A(More)
Fast imaging techniques allow monitoring of contrast medium (CM) first-pass kinetics in a multislice mode. Employing shorter recovery times improves cardiac coverage during first-pass conditions, but potentially flattens signal response in the myocardium. The aim of this study was therefore to compare in patients with suspected coronary artery disease (CAD)(More)
BACKGROUND It has been shown that there is impairment of the vasodilatory response to acetylcholine in patients with hypercholesterolemia and angiographically normal coronary arteries. Moreover, in patients with angiographically smooth coronary arteries, the number of coronary risk factors is associated with a loss of endothelium-dependent vasodilation. The(More)
Interface Description Languages (IDLs) describe the syntactic part of a component’s interface, but they do not help to specify semantics. Additional informal descriptions or preand postconditions of operations are often not precise enough. For instance, they cannot properly describe call-back scenarios, that is, the states, at which external calls are made,(More)
Sharing between B constructs is limited, both on the specification and the implementation level. The limitations stem from the single writer/multiple readers paradigm, restricted visibility of shared variables, and structural constraints to prevent interference. As a consequence, applications with inherent sharing requirements have to either be described as(More)